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When you choose to make healthy changes in your daily living, you find more happiness and control of yourself.

Personal coaching fits your lifestyle no matter where you are!

Whether daily stress or your busy life is causing you to over eat and neglect yourself you can change that. If you have low self-esteem, low self-confidence and low self-worth, you can change that too. We will work together on simple changes that benefit your body on the inside and outside. We will work on building your self-assurance and breaking down the barriers and habits that hold you back from being who you have always visualized yourself to be.

You and your health are worth it so treat yourself to TLC! Heal, grow and break free!

I don't follow a "cookie-cutter" health coaching approach like those based on solely weight loss or strictly gluten-free, or low carb/no carb diets, the latest diet trend or super-cleanses (although I can teach you how to follow those if you wish). I coach you on how to eat and cook whole food, real food and what choices help and what hurt your health. By following my simple approach you will lose weight, learn how to maintain a good weight, lose stress and anxiety and gain a renewed outlook on your life. We work on making lifestyle improvements that are comfortable for you and emotional wellness against cravings, binges, and other personal concerns.

Your plan will be based on your personal needs - your specific goals and your own lifestyle. If you don't love going to a gym, I'm not a big fan myself, that's okay, you'll learn other ways to be physical that are fun and effective. If you love going to the gym, that's great too.

I offer in-person coaching and online coaching which gives you access to a terrific and interactive coaching portal that keeps you engaged and always in touch with me on your own time! We can also work via telephone and Skype. All of these options make your sessions convenient, affordable and less stressful for you leaving you a better chance for success.
Don’t put off your opportunity to feel better, live healthy and have a renewed energy and a bright outlook on your future.
Email me today to set up your FREE breakthrough session and for your Free Sample, "12 Healthy Living Tips" and "7 Simple Smoothie Recipes".

Let's discuss your concerns and goals so we can begin your personal story.

***Don't want to do it alone?
I also coach small groups of 3-10 people. If you have family or friends that you'd like to team up with, contact me and we can discuss a program for you and your group.*** or
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***I offer online coaching for your convenience! Through this option we can talk in-person, over the phone, Skype and/or solely through my new online coaching client portal. Either way you choose, you still get access to the portal. This is a great way to get personal one-on-one coaching at your convenience without scheduling 'have to be there' appointments while being very affordable for you.