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As a health coach I teach simple and quick whole food cooking and other nourishing practices.. read more

Goal setting & Accomplishing

  • Learn realistic goal setting techniques
  • Staying on track
  • Simple pre-planning strategies



Initiate Wellness - your physical and emotional well-being begins with you; when you're ready and just the way that fits you & your lifestyle specifically.


Since 2011 I have helped clients make positive changes in their lifestyle habits and eating habits. I'm passionate about healthy living and sharing my knowledge with those who want to live a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle.

Diets. So many diets; which one works? Which one is best? Which one is for you? Counting calories, measuring food, spending money on that magic pill, that magic potion, the latest-greatest shake or supplement, don't eat meat, don't eat carbs, stay away from fruit, and on and on it becomes overwhelming and discouraging. Don't give up!

It's not necessary to count calories or eliminate your favorite foods when you learn exactly how to eat properly. What works best for your body and the food choices you make will fill you, fuel you and satisfy your cravings, so there will be no more pantry raiding, snack fests and crazy hunger binges.

My clients start from where they are, gain knowledge in what foods and activities work best for them individually, receive support and guidance they need in order to reach their goals. Together we work on meal plans, whole food cooking ideas, shortcuts to healthy meals and many personal roadblocks including plateaus and snack attacks. 

Let's talk!
Reach out to me by phone or email with your story and where you want it to lead you. When you take good care of yourself, you are better able to handle the daily grind and stresses of taking care of the other important people and situations in your life.

Your nutrition, self-esteem and lifestyle habits in balance, will lead your body and mind to better balance, leaving you feeling inspired, motivated and complete - therefore better able make choices that serve you instead of hurt you.

Winter Delite Bowl

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Initiate Wellness provides online coaching, in person and  group coaching for nutritional and lifestyle improvements.. read more

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