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This is my story                                                            

Hi! I'm Dawn, and I'm glad to share my story with you!

I'm a Holistic Health Coach; I received my professional health coaching certification through IIN® and SUNY®.  

I'm also certified with the  AADP & AHHA.    

Here's how Initiate Wellness began!

I’ve always loved to cook. I’ve been cooking for so long that I can’t remember when my love for it began but I do remember where; at home and at my grandmother’s house. My grandmother was a great cook, she wasn’t afraid to try new things. My mother enjoys cooking too, so, cooking is in my blood and it runs deep, for that I’m grateful! 

In high school, a trade school, I explored about six careers including culinary, cosmetology, graphic arts which were my top 3 interests. I loved culinary and tolerated cosmetology because I had a natural gift for it. When the time came for me to make my career choice which was a decision between culinary and cosmetology. I chose cosmetology for a few reason; I didn’t want to get stuck working in the dining room-I wanted to cook, in the early 80’s I wasn’t sure of the opportunities for a female in the kitchen and I didn’t want to miss all the holidays because I had to work. I also knew I could cook to my heart’s content at home and for family/friends gatherings.

I worked in the salon for about 26 years, until my kids needed me at home. A few years later when it was a good time for me to return to the salon, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go back. I didn’t realize how toxic my body became while working. There are so many chemicals in a salon, that get into your skin, lungs, sinuses and I was left with daily headaches and my neck and shoulders and elbows ached and popped. I still keep my license current and I do haircuts pretty regularly for friends and family and a few others that have discovered me. I decided to make a career addition/change. I decided to follow my first love, cooking. I didn’t want to just cook to cook though; I still wanted to help others feel good about themselves much like I did in the salon. There, I helped people feel good on the outside, as a nutritional health coach I could help people feel good inside and out!

Every successful story starts with an idea.

I researched options and found a career that fit my belief that food heals. I became a certified holistic nutritional coach in 2011. Not only do I cook more now, I help others learn to cook healthy and eat healthy to BE healthy. I teach how real food and individual choices based on each client’s needs is the real ‘diet’, the only diet that will always work for every person. Being a nutritional and lifestyle coach has brought me so much joy and fulfillment. I’m often told that I inspire others to cook more, I admit that others inspire me to keep teaching that cooking healthy can be fun, easy and not as time consuming as once thought.

I chose the name Initiate Wellness by using a descriptive word for my first name. Dawn means to begin, start, develop, emerge, initiate...etc. I love helping others begin their personal journey toward better health, reaching their personal physical and emotional goals and their lifelong dreams. I welcome you to climb aboard and take the first step to initiate your happy, healthy life!

I enjoy being outdoors anytime and walking in the woods with my two dogs. I enjoy hiking, biking, camping and I especially love to be at the ocean. I find pleasure in taking pictures, reading, writing, listening to music, practicing yoga, home decorating, being with people, and most of and creating new dishes! And I truly find happiness, comfort and satisfaction in helping others.

Real food is health and health is wealth!